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Could Dynatrace Managed do Batch Processing Monitoring? Are the steps same as AppMon?


Using the Dynatrace Demand, it is easy to monitor the web application performance from all aspects including code, network and infrastructure. But how could we do Batch Processing Monitoring? The offline processors in my company (written in C#) tried to process many (such as 140K) queue items in a limited duration (such as 4 hours). How could we monitor the offline processor's performance using Dyantrace and get the root cause in the dashboard? It would be great if someone could share the tutorial links or provide the steps.


Actually I don't understand the issue 🙂 If your processor is application that is supported by Dynatrace (java / .NET / PHP / Go lang / NodeJS / Native via custom instrumentation) you can monitor such process, see there code executions.

But be aware that if single processing time is really long it may not by caught complete. This is because PurePaths has some maximum time, and after this dynatrace stops waiting for it. It was like this in Appmon I think the same is in Dynatrace 🙂


Great, thank you, Sebastian. Few more questions for you.

1) What is the maximum time for monitoring a single process via Dyantrace on Demand?

2) In Dynatrace, shall we do the same thing like we did in Appmon for batch processing monitoring ( Find the the correct entry point and then created a sensor for it. Then get the purepath we want)?

3) Could the "root cause sub-panel" be populated accordingly?

I don’t know maximum time it’s question to Dynatrace.

You can create service by defining class and method. Than this part of processing will be visible as separate service. In this case anomaly detection will work for you 🙂


Great, this is exactly what I need. Thank you, Sebastian 🙂