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Defining an SLO for KeyRequest response time

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I'm trying to create an SLO definition based on the number of fast and slow key requests, WITHOUT the need to create a custom metric for slow requests.


My idea was to define the SLO as:
100* (number of slow key requests / number of total requests)

nothing special, really.

I could create a custom service metric for the keyrequest that counts the number of requests that exceed a certain response time. But could this be done without that step, just with metric queries?

I thought of this metric query:

  <filter for my key request goes here>


The idea was to use partition as a way to get the metric data points above and below a certain slow/fast level and then use count to calculate the number of datapoints and use those in the SLO definition: 100*(slow/fast).
(it wouldn't be perfectly accurate due to aggregation, but it should work for the SLO)


The metric partitioning works:


but I'm struggling in "counting" the number of metric points required for the SLO calculation.

Any ideas how this could be achieved?

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Thankyou @r_weber  for this post, I dont have any solution yet but due to your post came across these below blogs which helped me to understand the SLO integration much better 😉

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