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How to merge splinted services due to process name case sensitivity ?

Hi guys,

Customer deployed their applications over IIS pools which is not case sensitive and DevOps guys are not so strict about lower and upper case when setting pool names so services are being splitted depend on the pool name.

Merge services option not shown the services as mergeable.

Any idea how to merge them together without naming with the same case?

Is there any switch that can tell dynatrace "ignore case sensitive" for a certain process detection as there is for example within automatic tagging?

Yos @Gil Givati



Hi Yos,

For services to be merged, they have to be part of the same Process Group (PG). You will need to create a Process Group detection rule that will map these two separate PG to the same PG. Unfortunately, you cannot specify ignore case sensitive in the Process group detection rules. In this rule, you will need to find a property in both that are the same and are the same case as this is also case sensitive but you have the flexibility to choose which property gets used to map these processes to Process Groups. See more on this here.




Thanks for your hint - we will try to use process group detection rule of environment variable ...