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Is it possible to show the ProcessId of a process ?

Is there a setting to Dynatrace SaaS to show the processId ?


The screen shot that you shown somehome resemble in a Dynatrace AppMon , rather than Dynatrace SaaS.

sorry I made a mistake

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

little tricky but yes, if you see a further detail button then the pid is shown at the top.

please raise a product idea for this it would be a good idea to have the last pid in the process properties.

Thanks Michael for your reply, I will raise as a product idea but just to check this is further detail that you refer to right

I think he actually means that, when you have an instrumented process, you click on the "Further details" metrics tab underneath the infographic. Then, you will see a "Process identifier" at the top of that page.