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VMware plugin show vCenter offline / is waiting for data

Hi guys,

Customer using VMware plugin and connected successfully 2 vCenter.

The third vCenter is shown grey and as offline / waiting for data.

Where can we find the log of VMware plugin withing the cluster hosts logs in order to understand what is going on with this vCenter or maybe someone got a good explanation for this issue?




Check the logs on the ActiveGate. If you don't have a separate Environment ActiveGate installed, then check the logs of the ActiveGate on the cluster node. There definitely should be a relevant log entry.

Hi Julius

Thanks for your input here, but I can't find any activegate logs under the support archive nor vmware files under plugin q remote_plugin

Any other idea?


Do you have a separate environment ActiveGate? If not, logs of the embedded ActiveGate should be in /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/logs/gateway if I remember the path correctly. There dfinitely is an embedded activegate on each cluster node.


Wil check and update


Actually it is: /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/log/security-Gateway on the cluster node (if your data directory is in the default location). Check the dynatracegateway_Debug.0.0.log.

Hi guys,

Quick update on this - after searching the logs of the AG with no luck and reaching support the issue was solved with upgrading the AG to version 159 (from 155)

All the best