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Does Dynatrace offer a way to notify Datadog about problems?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I operate an existing Datadog installation that collects different metrics and events within my infrastructure. Is it possible for Dynatrace to automatically notify my Datadog instance about application, service, or infrastructure problems?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes, by setting up a ‘Custom integration’ within Dynatrace it is possible to automatically notify Datadog about problems in real time. This can be done by using the Dynatrace problem notification settings that are available by navigating to:

Settings - Integration - Problem notification

As Dynatrace does not offer a dedicated Datadog integration so far, you have to set up a generic web hook notification entry instead.

Follow the next screenshot in order to enter your Datadog API key and destination address and how to fill out a user specific payload in JSON format. You receive your user specific Datadog API key by opening the integration settings page at

Datadog – Integrations – API Keys

After you executed a necessary test run you are able to save your new Datadog integration entry and jump back to your overall list of integrations.

If everything was set up correctly you will automatically receive your Dynatrace problem notification reports within your Datadog event feed along with their specific impact category such as #service, #application and #infrastructure.

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