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Dynatrace Efficiencies, and optimizations


Hello all

I would like to know the Dynatrace efficiencies and optimization KPIs we can potentially obtain once time Dynatrace is up and running. For instance, resolution times of incidents will be decreased.

Also I would like to know the features that makes this product unique (in a measurable way)

I really appreciate documents and references.

Many Thanks in advance


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don’t have all the documents right now, but we’ve had multiple use cases and blogs where dynatrace gave us a 30 min head start on issues well before app dev teams were aware of the issues. It’s also given us the ability to not only be proactive but allowed our reactions to be even quicker. Dynatrace AI, Davis, pin points the issue and serves up the problem on a silver platter. While I don’t have raw numbers, I can tell you Dynatrace has saved us countless times, and saved us hours on issues. We’ve even used it as a help desk too as well on end user divorces after the pc techs were stumbling with an issue for weeks. I’ll be sure to attach the blog post links to this come Monday!


We even made a dashboard for managers, where they can check their 3rd party vendors and ensure that they are adhering to the SLA as agreed upon in the contract as it relates to response times and failures. Also providing managers with the availability and and User session data on the applications which are used.


Thank you very much that will be great!

This is an interesting read list! I'll have to reserve some time to read them all 🙂

Antonio Sousa

yeah you could read one each day, the use cases are pretty dynamic, while some of them are not problem resolution use cases but efficiency use cases and so on. When we got Dynatrace, we ran with it, nothing slowed us down, if we saw a problem, we asked "what can we do with Dynatrace?" as you will see in the uses cases like the one for the Help Desk.


Thank you very much Chad T.!! Really helpful!!

you are very welcome! If you liked my answer feel free to click on "Reward User" and reward the user with points as you see fit!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I believe that for your case a good general resource is the Forrester report (link below). It includes several stats that might be of interest for you:

  • Dynatrace decreased the total time wasted, driven by a mean-time-to-identify (MTTI) reduction of 75% from previous generation APM tools.
  • Poor performance equated to 8 minutes per incident — and across an enterprise at which 10% of an affected workforce could mean over 2,000 users, the effects can be profound. Dynatrace reduced issues an additional 40% over legacy APM toolsets.

The Customers pages is another interesting source. One of my favorites is the SAP case:

The Global CIO Report might also be an interesting resource for you. It has an interesting quote that I can't agree more:

  • 15%: the average amount of IT teams’ time spent trying to identify which alerts they need to focus on and which are irrelevant.
Antonio Sousa

Really appreciate Antonio.

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