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Dynatrace USQL query FrontEnd Time , ServerTime, Network Time


Sharing something with you all. See if there is better way to do this, pls chime in and let me know


I was trying to investigate how to get (FrontEnd ,Server, Network) time for one of our critical trx and see a high level picture. We live in AWS & wanted to see the network time impact on our overall latency . 


select DATETIME(usersession.startTime, 'HH:mm - MM/dd', '60m'), MEDIAN(frontendTime) , MEDIAN(servertime), MEDIAN(networktime) from useraction WHERE IN ("TRXName") AND usersession.browserFamily IN ("Chrome")
GROUP BY DATETIME(usersession.startTime, 'HH:mm - MM/dd', '60m').


This allowed us to see the impact of netwok and how it can trigger latency for your app. 


i used median instead of average.  Hope this helps & if there is a better way to see the impact of network on your app, do let me know pls.  


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @shahrukh_niazi 


This is a good USQL, but depending on your need,

If you need the median or the AVERAGE because its not the same meaningful.

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