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High ram usage of containerized activegate on openshift


Hi everyone,


we have noted high ram usage on the containerized activegate monitoring our openshift cluster, it usually takes 16GB right when it starts and then it slowly starts climbing claiming 100mb more every week or so.

Now, we didn't put any resource limit on the custom resource yaml file when we deployed it so it's not a surprise it can take up this much memory, but my question is more if someone has experience with what a good limit would be like, for example would 10GB be enough, I know that the classic ones don't need this much memory but seeing how much memory the containerized one takes up right after starting I don't really know what could be a sweetspot for it.


Thank you very much!

Best regards.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can take an approximate calculation as per below max containers that are getting monitored

450 containers - 2 vCPU and 3.75 GB ram

900 containers - 4 vCPU and 7.5 GB ram

1200 containers - 8 vCPU and 15 GB ram


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