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How to see application performance parameters only


Hi Team,

We are using Dynatrace to check the performance(i.e CPU,RAM usage etc.) of our application,but currently the performance parameters that we are seeing are not related to our application ,but these are seems like parameters related to entire host .

Could you please help us by telling the settings that we need to do, to see the performance related stuff of our application only instead of entire host.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Server side performance metrics like response time or error rates can be found in the transactions and services views. Real user monitoring metrics like user action duration (load time) or W3C navigation and resource timings can be monitored in the web application section. Please take also a look into:

I hope this helps, if not please tell us which type of application and technology you are using. You can also contact our support team for direct help on your environment:

Regards, Alex

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