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How to setup alert for OS Service Monitoring?


In Dynatrace, we can setup service availability monitoring. This can be achieved in two ways. 

1) Settings--->Monitoring---> OS Service Monitoring

2) Host--->Settings---> OS Service Monitoring

Once we setup the services for monitoring, we can see their status in the Host main page under "OS services analysis". By default, the service availability alert will go to "Default" alerting profile. To send the service alerts to application/infrastructure owners, please follow the below steps.

Edit the Management Zone of which the hosts are part of. 

Add a new Rule--->  Rule Type--->Monitored Entity----->Rule Applies To--->Custom Devices---->Add Condition--->property--->Custom Device Name--->Select the right operator--->Value---> Provide the service name---->Preview and make sure you see the service name appears.

You are all set. Now, the service availability alerts will trigger to the Alerting profile which is mapped to this Management zone.

Ramanan Raghunathan

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you don't want to call out the OS Services you can use the blanket rule for the monitored entities. This assumes you have Host Groups set.

Type("os:service"), fromRelationships.runsOn(type("HOST"), tag("Host Group"))


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

You can also use entity selectors to choose an OS Service based on its name:

type(os:service),entityName.startsWith("<name of OS service entity>")

host on which OS service is running:

type(os:service),fromRelationship.runsOn(type(HOST),entityName.startsWith("<name of the host>"))

or name of a process, which is associated with the OS service:

type(os:service),toRelationship.runsOn(type(PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE),entityName.startsWith("<name of the process entity>"))

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