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[Important TIP] - Problem with OA rights management after Dynatrace Operator update

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


We had a very big problem on the OpenShift environment after upgrading Dynatrace operator from version 0.11.0 to 0.14.x. The problem consisted of errors when installing OA on pads and manifested itself in errors in the automatic change of permissions for OA. It was only by disabling SELINUX policies or manually modifying the permissions that the correct installation was possible.

In version 0.12.0, the security context constraints have changed. The solution to the problem was to delete the entire Namespace for the Operator and create a new one. With the normal update process this problem occurs - we were able to recreate this.

In summary, if you are experiencing permissions issues for OA after updating Dynatrace Operator I recommend removing and adding namespace's.


Have a nice day!

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