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Postman for effortless dynatrace API access across environments


I've been updating postman collections for myself for a while to make it easier to work with the Dynatrace API across multiple clusters, tenants and environments.

I have put the files on github now, maybe someone will find it usefull.

Setup is very quick, then you can just select the request and environment against which to execute it.

Here is a short guide:

Import collections

Postman is available for free from

Import (file -> import) the collection .json files for the APIs you want:

A separate collection for each, including all requests of that API, will be created:

Create environments

For each of your dynatrace environments/tenants you want to use, add a postman environment via manage environments -> add:

The environment needs two variables (names are case sensitive!):

    • URL to the environments
      • For managed:
      • For SaaS:
    • An API token for the environment

Request away!

Now you can open any request and easily execute it against different dynatrace environments by selecting the environment on the top right: Dynatrace API Postman Collections



This seems very interesting! Going to check it out when I have a little time.