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Pro Tip - How to use other colors in charts and graphs!


We have had some use cases where users want to define other colors in their charts. As many of you might be aware, Dynatrace provides 5 colors with 3 different shades. that's great but sometimes the line charts tend to blur together with colors. So how do we expand our color selection?

The answer lies with the color selector:

You have the ability to select the color VIA HEX Codes. Check out this link to get the color code of your choice!


Lets say I want a one of those hosts to be defined by a bright red. I select the color via the HTML color code and I copied the HEX Code. Jump back to Dynatrace and paste that code into the field and press enter!

As you can see I have gone ahead and set Red, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow and Blue!

Give it a try! the possibilities are endless!!!!

Keep in mind, you can also use this to help convey the status of items in your metrics. A perfect example of this is with Kubernetes Pods. You can create a custom chart that shows the Phases of the Pods. Green = Running, Yellow = Pending, Red= Failed. So right from a glace, staff are fully aware of the Pods status as well as the count of those pods in each status.

The possibilities are endless, so give it a shot, try it out, and have fun doing it!


Nice detail! Never had tried it; and it's great it get's propagated to the Dashboards.

its pretty sweet!



I hope Everyone leverages this along with the use of emojis to make their dashboards more intuitive and user friendly


Well done! You know, I can't tell you how many times I have gone to use a pure red and it's not there and honestly, I never even thought about the fact that you can use the HEX box until you pointed it out with this. Good stuff! I do use emojis often.

Thanks Larry! im glad that you will be able to benefit form this pro tip as well!


Does anyone know when this will de possible in the "Data explorer"?

I have not heard of this yet. Currently in the Data explorer, you  can only select color scheme sets. The has been talk about a honeycomb tile for the charting of custom metrics but no official ETA on that.