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keptn for Dynatrace OPS people only(-;

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion



After reading and viewing a  lot  of material about Keptn as a non (original) developer, I got lost in the how it can be used, missing the relative simple (but smart) setup.


Keptn uses services in Kubernetes, running in a namespace called "keptn". 

These services communicate a specific set of  "cloud-native" messages (called Nats).

These services are able to communicate (mostly REST) to an external tool and vice versa triggering some predefined activities.


Everything is defined in flows including  one or more steps. Each step has to wait on the successful finish of the predecessor.

Descriptions what to do is in YAML, and can be stored on different type of GIT's


You mostly find examples like pipelines and auto remediation but with a little imagination you can even define installation tasks being implemented with the benefit of version control.

Sorry I thing you have to build the integrations yourself (-;



KR Henk 


Any comments? This is only for community members who like to have a very quick idea what Kept is and what is is not.


For more and better info the blog from Andi:







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DynaMight Legend

thanks for sharing this @henk_stobbe 


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