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Developing your next generation digital optimisation program

Published on ‎01 Jul 2022 06:39 PM by Community Team | Updated on ‎01 Aug 2022 07:26 AM

In today’s world, customers and businesses are dependent on digital technology and expect to have flawless digital interactions all the time. If the digital experience disappoints, organizations can see a substantial impact on customer satisfaction and their bottom line.

Ensuring technology is satisfactory for the end-user should only be a starting point. By improving and optimizing the digital experience for users and customers, companies can generate results that drive business impacts, such as better customer acquisition and retention, customer service efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue.

Join us to learn how to drive better business outcomes with a strategic digital optimization program. We’ll cover: 

  • How to create and manage a digital optimization program, including creating feedback loops and measuring performance.
  • Digital optimization success stories from organizations across industries.
  • The expertise, resources, and tools to take your program to the next level, such as leveraging machine learning and behavioural data.



Myrvin Yap, @myrvin_yap, Principal Sales Engineer, APAC at Dynatrace
Myrvin is a SME at Dynatrace covering APAC who passionately believes in making technology work perfectly for us. With 15 over years of experience in both end user and vendor environments, Myrvin enjoys helping organisations do more with less. Throughout the day, Myrvin truly enjoys sweets more than most people.

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Tue, Sep 20, 2022 05:30 AM BST
Tue, Sep 20, 2022 06:30 AM BST
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Dynatrace Participant

Thanks for your interest everyone!


The webinar has been rescheduled to:

Tuesday, September 20th 2022
IST 10am / SGT 12.30pm / AEST 2.30pm

Thank you for letting us know. The date of the event has been updated.  🙂

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