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Observability Clinic: OpenObservabilty without boundaries with Dynatrace

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Published on ‎05 May 2023 03:04 PM by Community Team

Dynatrace is the only analytics platform that connects all your observability data (metrics, logs, traces, events, security, end-user) from any data source (OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, FluentBit, K8s API, OneAgent …). With DQL, Dynatrace Notebooks and Dashboards as well as the AI-supported Automation platform capabilities everyone can get the answers out of any observability data!

Join this Observability Clinic where Henrik Rexed, aka Mr. Is It Observable, will show you:

  • How to Ingest any OpenObservability data from Prometheus, FluentBit, OpenTelemetry
  • How Dynatrace connects logs, metrics, traces, events independent of the data source
  • How to analyze your data with DQL, Dynatrace Notebooks and Dashboards
  • How to automate your daily tasks through data- & event-driven Dynatrace workflows


- - -
Henrik Rexed, @HenrikRexed, Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace
Andreas Grabner, @andreas_grabner, Global Technology Lead at Dynatrace

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Registration:  LINK


Event has ended
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Tue, Jun 13, 2023 04:00 PM BST
Tue, Jun 13, 2023 05:00 PM BST
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