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Observability Clinic: The Practitioners Guide to “A Day without Boundaries with Dynatrace”

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Published on ‎24 Feb 2023 03:31 PM by Community Team | Updated on ‎24 Feb 2023 03:32 PM

In 2022 Dynatrace Grail removed the boundaries of previously siloed managed observability data: logs, metrics, traces, security, events and real users. It opened the path for new innovation presented at Dynatrace Perform 2023 under the theme “Cloud without boundaries”!

In this Observability Clinic, Michael Winkler and Andreas Grabner walk you through practical use cases on what “A Day without Boundaries with Dynatrace” can look like for you.

Join live and see for yourself how analytics and automation without boundaries will improve the day 2-day work life of any engineer that needs to make better decisions based on your observability data.

- - -
Andreas Grabner, @andreas_grabner, DevOps Activist at Dynatrace
Michael Winkler, @michaelwinkler, Senior Director Product Management at Dynatrace

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Registration: ➡️ LINK

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Wed, Mar 1, 2023 04:00 PM GMT
Wed, Mar 1, 2023 05:00 PM GMT
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