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Office hours for Dynatrace App development

Published on ‎12 Jun 2024 08:51 AM by Dynatrace Helper | Updated on ‎12 Jun 2024 09:02 AM

The Dynatrace AppEngine and Apps offer a vast range of possibilities for unleashing the power of your data. And we want you to feel comfortable learning how to use that power. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, have or don't have questions, everyone is welcome to join us during our next office hours, where you can find Dynatrace® Apps experts ready to help you with your apps.

During these office hours, you can expect the following:

  • A summary of what’s new in Dynatrace Apps.
  • Learn more about Dynatrace Apps.
  • See the first-hand experiences of others.


Please register to join us and make sure to bring your questions. If you don’t have any questions yet, feel free to come along and actively listen. We’ll do our very best to answer your doubts and questions.

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Tue, Jul 16, 2024 02:30 PM BST
Tue, Jul 16, 2024 03:30 PM BST
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