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Unlocking Dynatrace Logs for Developers | AMA Live

Published on ‎08 Apr 2024 07:26 AM by Community Team

In this AMA Live on April 17 at 11 am EDT, Liran Haimovitch, Michał Frańczak, and Thomas Billicsich will discuss the importance of logs for developers and the common pain points faced when dealing with disparate log sources and high volumes of log data. Through an overview of Dynatrace’s features, you’ll learn how Dynatrace can help you cut through the noise to find answers faster.

We’ll demo key capabilities and share a sneak peek at what's coming next (did someone mention Developer Observability?)

Bring your toughest log analysis questions! This interactive session will reserve plenty of time for Q&A with Dynatrace experts. By the end, you'll uncover the power of logs.



Liran Haimovitch @Liran  - Senior Principal Product Architect at Dynatrace
Michał Frańczak - Principal Product Manager at Dynatrace
Thomas Billicsich @thomas_billi - Senior Product Manager at Dynatrace


Registration: CLICK HERE

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Wed, Apr 17, 2024 04:00 PM BST
Wed, Apr 17, 2024 05:00 PM BST
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