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2.0 Extension UI not Showing all Mgmt Zones


I've added a 2.0 extension from the hub and went to add a config to it. I wanted to add a specific mgmt zone but it seems that the UI is not showing all of the mgmt zone. We have 329 mgmt zones but only 33 pages in the extension UI (9 per page * 33 = 297) are shown. Will this be fixed in a future release?

I imagine I could simply choose a mgmt zone then update it via an api call but this does not seem to work. I get a 200 response code but the old mgmt zone value is still configured. I've also tried posting a new config with the correct mgmt zone but for whatever reason I continue to get a 400 response stating the version must not be null even though I do have the version in the request body.

Also, what about the ability to enter the mgmt zone name rather then scrolling through the pages to find it, adding in that ability would be nice.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Write up! I recommend submitting a RFE for this enhancement to the product 🙂 


Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter


The Hub should show 10 MZs per page, in your case only the last page should contain 9 MZs, that should give 329 items in total. Unfortunately, the list is not sorted and there are no search or filter options.
Thanks for your usability improvement suggestion.

You are correct here, apologies for missing that. I must have been looking at the last page which only had 9, or just forgot how to count that day :). I see the count is accurate.

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