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Change Plugin Execution Interval

Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

I'm wondering if it's possible to configure a plugin to run more frequently than 1 minute, or modify it's execution interval. I can find that 1 minute is the default interval here:



Interval can't be customized. Charts in Dynatrace have 1 min resolution, sending data more frequently will not improve resolution. Nevertheless you can do more queries inside of plugin query than aggregated it to one min resolution and send it to Dynatrace. Why do you need it what do you want to achieve?

Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

Thanks Jakub! Just a question from the customer that I wanted to be sure on, I think they just wanted to know in general as App Mon had the lowest 10 second interval. Not sure if they used that small of a schedule though.

Hi Jakub,

We have a plugin which makes a call to and application's REST interface and they would like to query it multiple times, any suggestions on how we could go about it? Could you also clarify how the plugin would aggregate the collected values?


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