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Connecting plugin in to specific process.



I try to import extra data into specific process using oneagent plugin.

Specified process Type Names is mandatory to be one of:

'UNKNOWN','LINUX_SYSTEM','ORACLE_DB'<........>,'ERLANG','DOCKERDEAMON','MONGODB_ROUTER','GO','SAP'. - in *.json plugin configuration.

The problem is that my Process type(activemq) is recognized by dynatrace, but is not specified in list above.

What should I do to report plugin data in to this specific process?

Best Regards



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru
As far as I remember you should use unknown in this case. Did you try it?
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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Do you need JMX plugin or Python OneAgent plugin?

Because if JMX is enough you can try JMX plugins creator and do write json file by yourself but use simpler UI:

But if you need python OneAgent plugin for ActiveMQ you can try setting process type name to JAVA, and to array "technologies " (also in plugin Metadata) put ["ACTIVE_MQ"].

for details see:

Unknown can also work as @Julius L. said


Thanks for quick replay,

of course I mean python plugin.

I actually resolved my problem. Your suggestion to set process type as JAVA was right, actually ActiveMQ is type 10(JAVA) and a few other but I dont need to precise process type that accurate. Activemq.jar name is unique enough. Technologies(ACTIVE_MQ) that you suggest to set was wrong as you can see in image below. In fact I don't need to set technologies at all, but I set AMQP.

Thanks for help