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Cordova plugin



When deploying the cordova plugin, you need to create a second (web) application containing the user actions. This means the original defined application is only used as a place holder? Or is advised to also deploy a native agent? How about app crashes I assume this also needs a native agent?

KR Henk


I’m not familiar with cordova plugin enaugh to answer about first part of this question, but to have crashes indeed you need native plugin. Web one will only collect JS errors that are right before crash (if there is any). Stack trace of crash can be collected only by native agent.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Henk,

From my understanding, there are two applications to be created for a Cordova-based mobile application. The primary application is for the native container of the mobile application, which provides insight such as application crashes on native level.

while the secondary application is for the capture of user actions in the web view of the mobile application.


Ok so question was about dynatrace application 🙂 neurons failed me today. You are totally right 🙂


Hi Sia, Sebastian,

Thanks for your replies,

KR Henk

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Additionally the Mobile Agent provides device information about the mobile device. It also depends how your application is structured. Sometimes Cordova application use native web request frameworks. In this case you would need the Mobile Agent as well. As stated by the others main use case is native crashes and application startup.

Hello Matthias,

I was hoping to see at least the application startup, but even that is not the case. So nothing in the native dashboards,,,

KR Henk

No Native information at all means there is a problem with configuration. Try to open a support case where we have a detailed look into this problem.