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Custom JMX plugin deployment on SaaS, Metrics and charts not showing up


I created a custom JMX plugin for Wildfly monitoring and specified all the metrics as well as ui specifics. But still don't see any updated charts and metrics when i check the wildfly process groups. I am trying to do JMx Mbean monitoring here on SaaS, Is there any other checkpoint I have to take care of?




Please attach JSON file I will look at it. Have you used JMX editor or plugin was created manually?


Sure @Jakub M., I am attaching the content of plugin as plain text file. Please have a look, I created the plugin manually as a json file and uploaded it

Hello @Jakub M., hopefully you were able to check the attached doc, let me know if any inputs 🙂


Sorry, for lack of my response. Please note that JMX Editor is GA hope it helps.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

As Jakub says, the JMX Editor will help you to create properly your JMX plugins.
If you are still in older version, no JMX Editor available, my recommendation is to replicate the small example from , verify that this is working as expected and modify the plugin with the metrics you want to report.
I most of the cases I have seen, the metric or the plugin JSON has some typo, that is why start with a demo is a good idea to verify that the format of the plugin is good and then edit the metric.

You will be able to do something similar with the JMX editor, create the plugin in the UI for a metric exposed, verify that it is reported, download the plugin and edit it with the other metrics you want to expose.


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