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Difference between Response time and Elapsed Time


Please, I already tried to understand the difference between elapsed time and response time, but I can't. In my dynatrace environment, I have an oracle puglin (Database Insights: Oracle) that shows the elapsed time of the queries. What does this metric mean?



Response time also called Execution time. The total time required for the computer to complete a task, including disk accesses, memory accesses, I/O activities, operating system overhead, CPU execution time, and so on.

Elapsed time shows the time the instrumented point in code started execution (calculated from the beginning of the purepath, so first entry will have zero time)


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So one has nothing to do with the other? Or is Elapsed Time part of response time?

Response Time - Time to get the response back from the server. Elapsed Time - Total Time including the Request Time + Response Time 🙂

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