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Does Dynatrace OneAgent monitor MSMQ?


I see it is picking up MSMQ in technologies but not reporting any metrics back from the messages themself.




i think there is a BETA in the EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM for this.

check here:

also this MSMQ is from microsoft or IBM? anyway is certainly not yet fully supported.

MSMQ is microsoft, it does not look like it is on the EAP or Beta as of now. But I am told you can write a custom plugin for monitoring MSMQ. Might have to explore this option.

Hi @Aiden S. Did you managed to find a solution or documentation? I Have the same request from an inner client.

Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

It appears that a MSMQ plugin may be on the roadmap but their is no ETA as of now. We can develop a custom plugin that delivers metrics, properties and events, but we need to know what language and MSMQ client they use.


Hi @Aiden S., what type of information are you looking to retrieve from MSMQ? We had to write a custom plugin that gave us the ability to get the # of records in the queues on the server. We are willing to share this code but it is not complete an very specific to queues we have in our environment.

I will be speaking with them today. I they express interest in this and I can get more details, sharing your code would be much appreciated!


Any updates on this?


Just supporting a count of messages in the Queue would be helpful!


Still no updates?


Microsoft Messaging (aka MSMQ) tracing will be released for Early Adopter Access with Dynatrace version 176 (.NET Code Module version 175). This should be available in autumn 2019.

Hi All, Any update on this, Appreciate any links or Docs.


Any update on this. We are also facing same issue. Is it possible Dynatrace OneAgent monitor MSMQ? we need count of messages in Queue and will provide threshold value, if it is greater than that threshold value, need to send an alert. If it is possible please provide steps to achieve this.

Hi Hari

Please check out the following article: Check the answer to Boubacar question:



Hi Barry,

Thanks for your reply.I saw already that article, but in our case we don't want install ActiveGate unnecessarily in all hosts.Can you provide any OneAgent plugin to monitor MSMQ?

Hi Hari

You can use an existing Windows activegate for this.

The single activegate can monitor multiple servers running MSMQ.


Hi Barry,

Thanks for your quick response. Our client said, he don't want install ActiveGate only one time also. Already we have a OneAgent in all MSMQ hosts. Is it possible to achieve using OneAgent plugin?

Hi Hari

Yes it is possible, the OneAgent plugin is also on the link above. You would need to modify the plugin accordingly.


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