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Exchange Extension configuration


Hi, to configure Exchange Extension wich type of user do i need? Domain user or local user with some privilieges??

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What do you mean by Exchange Extension, can you provide more information?

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Trying to enable this

to monitor Microsoft Exchange Server. The exchange guys ask me wich type of user is needed for this.

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Please check this documentation:

"To establish a connection to a WMI remote host, you need to use either a standard user or a user with administrator privileges"


"The lions does not ally with the coyotes"


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Dynatrace Guru

If you install a OneAgent onto the exchange host and run the extension from there, you don't need to enter any credentials. The extension is automatically executing as local system, which has access to the WMI queries in question.

If you run it from an ActiveGate you need to set up a user which has access to remotely access WMI. There are instructions here under "Remote enable permission on the host":


Thas what i need, thank you.

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