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File monitoring system


Hello, I hope you are all doing well!

Was just checking in to see if anyone has had experience with the file monitoring system extension? Can you please share any advice?






Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion



everything should be explained on the Hub tile.



I've installed it but getting the following error even though I've put all the config settings in the UI and saved.
2022-08-05 17:20:58.642 UTC [00007602] severe [native] 140043095779072(MainThread) - [create_config] Incomplete config for plugin: PluginInfo(name='custom.python.fileChecker-MINT', reported_name='custom.python.fileChecker-MINT', version='1.2', directory='/opt/dynatrace/oneagent/plugin_deployment/custom.python.fileChecker-MINT' package='fileChecker-MINT'), missing_properties: {'tenant_token', 'debug', 'tenant_url', 'paths_files', 'paths_count', 'paths_age', 'include_folders', 'paths_folders', 'paths_mount', 'paths_size', 'latest_file'}

This message can appear in 2 cases. The extension is available on the local machine but not deployed via the UI or it appears once before the extension module actually deploys the extension.

If you see this message: [info] Running the file checks, the extension is deployed as expected.


Just started to use this extension, seems to work great. I really like the host group based deployment, will allow config of a lot of servers quickly. Getting counts and sizes so far.

Good to hear! I'm sure that the people working on the framework such as @Lukasz_Be would love to capture that quote 🙂



Do you have to remove all remnants of the old custom.python.fileChecker-MINT', version='1.2'? I installed the new Filesystem monitoring / Extension v2 0.2.6 but getting ERROR when attempting to configure any server for a mount check. 

You don't have to remove the old one but I'd recommend it to not cause confusion.

If the new extension doesn't work, please have a look at the extension log files on the OneAgent (either directly or by clicking on "ERROR" to open up the log viewer). If that doesn't solve it, open up a support case.


Sorry I wasn't at the min required oneagent version... however I am now and it's working but I don't see in the docs that you can input multiple directories using comma separated like you could with the older versions.  Is that still possible? 

You can simply add more checks to one configuration, keeping it much less error prone than the old method.


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