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Has anyone tried to use Splunk to retrieve the new audit logs functionality in the Dynatrace SaaS API yet?

I have been waiting for log access to become available for Dynatrace SaaS for a while now so this is GREAT NEWS that the functionality is now there. Thank you Dynatrace!

I am wondering if anyone has tried to use this new functionality with Splunk yet? I would be curious to hear how you might have accomplished it. We have Splunk Forwarders setup all over the place on our servers, but we have never tried to conduct some sort of pull executed by Splunk to a SaaS solution to capture its logs.

I am currently going through the Splunk documentation to figure it out, but was curious if anyone has accomplished this with Dynatrace SaaS and what challenges you might have ran into.

Thanks All!


i’m interested in this topic as well.



we are going down that path as well. I will share with you any insight and out results

Sounds like a plan gentlemen! I too will be working towards it so between us 3 I am sure we will figure out the best method for it.

Just an FYI for this thread. The tutorial has been posted and can be found here.