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How is a new plugin deployed to OneAgent?



Our customer is looking forward to the release Oracle DB plugin that is on the roadmap. When the plugin released, how will the plugin itself be deployed to OneAgent?
We suppose follows.

1.Enable Oracle plugin on web UI
2.OneAgents get the plugin from Dynatrace tenant.
3.OneAgnet starts to monitor Oracle.
So, we guess that it is not needed to update OneAgent for this purpose.

Could you tell me whether it is correct?

Thanks, Noah


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You should contact the product manager for plugins - @Jakub M. for details how the particular Oracle plugin will be deployed.

Currently, there are no methods to distribute code/binaries to the agents. Out-of-box plugins are packaged into Oneagent bundle and they are updated with the agent itself (but you cannot modify this process and package something into agent bundle). Custom plugins (that you develop) will have to be deployed by other methods (manually / automation scripts / ... ).

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