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IBM i extension: where to install the db2 driver for AS/400 monitoring


Hi all,

following the steps to integrate AS400 with Dynatrace, I'm wondering where should i unpack the db2 odbc driver. 

The documentation says install the zip on: %PROGRAMFILES%\dynatrace\remotepluginmodule\plugin_deployment

Does the IBM driver go into the same folder?

link to the doc: IBM i monitoring | Dynatrace Docs



Thank you all!


Hi @MariettaAlmeida 

As far as I can see You are planning to perform this task on Windows. Considering that extension is using ODBC driver manager then You just need to install it on Windows - it should be an installer. According to IBM docs Installer for 64bit contains both 32 and 64bit drivers.
To confirm if it is installed properly You can run odbcac32  on Your OS either by run or CMD command line and check drivers tab.


@MichalOlszewski thank you ! you gave a big hint. about the installation folder, it goes installed in the same folder of the plugin, right ? 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @MariettaAlmeida, did Michal's comment help you with your issue?

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

@Ana_Kuzmenchuk actually yes ! part of it but still confused on the installation path just of the driver, it goes in the ibm directory or the activeGate plugin folder 😞

Glad to hear! Hope Michał (or anyone else in our Community) has some more wisdom to share with you on the matter 😉

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @MariettaAlmeida ,

If you downloaded the correct package (Windows_AP for Windows ActiveGate, Linux_AP for Linux ActiveGate) from IBM's site, you should see a setup.exe inside the downloaded zip archive. If you install that binary file, it automatically sets up all configurations for you and places drivers in the right folders for you. After you run the executable, you do not have to do anything else with the driver. You do not place any drivers manually yourself.

The driver should be recognized by Windows first, then the extension can pick it up from the available drivers on the system. Windows driver manager does this automatically for you.

Hope this helps,



thank you @diego_morales !

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