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Investigate SAP extension monitoring interruption

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Our SAP Extension is going blank on the live data feed and even showing the wrong custom device name. 

Went into settings, monitored technologies, the SAP Application server, and looked at the endpoint with the wrong endpoint it is disabled. We updated it in case there is a sync issue, however, in Technologes & Processes, it is that endpoint that is shown for Remote extension endpoints.

The correct endpoint is shown OK status and we refreshed but it is not even showing in Technologies & Processes. When I go to Data Explorer and pull up Dialog Response time by custom device, this correct endpoint custom device is not generating any data.


For monitoring interruptions what should be done for SAP ABAP extension? How can we check if there is a Dynatrace configuration issue somewhere or if its SAP system issue?


What I looked at

1) Checked Operational status of ActiveGate

Deployment status -> ActiveGates

2) Restarted oneagent too


Other than check ActiveGate operational status, checking logs, removing ABAP endpoint and readding it (which is next because we disabled and updated it and still no data coming through), what else am i missing?




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @GP_Stanley , 
The extension creates log files which can be found on the ActiveGate server : 



The logs in that directory should help pinpoint what is going on with the endpoints such as a timeout or another error.