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Issue uploading dsym using Dynatrace Fastlane Plugin


I'm using the Fastlane plugin to upload our dsyms to Dynatrace.  I've started receiving this error:

INFO [2023-08-01 19:30:42.49]: ▸ 2023-08-01 19:30:42.493 DTXDssClient[26630:90673] WARNING Extract [] Demangled symbol name of length 6842 exceeds maximum length of 5000. The symbol will be truncated and not be included in full length. This behavior can be overridden by using the maxSymbolSize parameter.

Looking at the documentation (, I don't see `maxSymbolSize` as an available parameter to provide:

From the log file, I see that we're using:


DTXDssClient version built on 2023-07-14


But the logs also show it was updated:


INFO [2023-08-01 19:30:02.11]: Found a different remote DTXDssClient client. Removing local version and updating.



I started digging into this after checking a crash, and seeing a message "The stack trace could not be processed correctly with the uploaded mapping file."

Any suggestions?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion



  • the name length truncation was introduced as 5000 chars usually should be enough in a crash report line to identify the method name. This was added to reduce symbol file size as under certain conditions saving the full could lead to a multitude of the resulting symbol file size and hitting upload size limit problems. Is desired this can be overridden as mentioned n the log - it is just not yet in our online help, but listed when invoking ./DTXDssClient -help
    maxSymbolSize Limits the maximum length (characters) of the demangled symbols. Can be disabled by setting it to 0. (Default 5000)​
  • the update is to keep the DSS client in sync with highest compatible version to the cluster, this does not have any impact on the above name truncation
  • last message is something that needs more investigation and you should open a support ticket and provide the crash report ind the originals dSYM file that matches the app build for the crash report
iOS help:


For the last point of the solution, did you create a support ticket and what was the solution? We also receive the following message for stack traces:
- The stack trace could not be processed correctly with the uploaded mapping file.

Could you please also specify in which log files you found the error messages (path to the logs)?

Many Thanks,



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