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JBoss Connection Pools - cannot find any documentation

Hello Dynatrace!

Do you have documentation on this early adopter plugin: "JBoss Connection Pools"

Previously I created my costum plugin and I'm considering to switch to the early adopter one.

(Where can I eventually give a feedback on it?)

Thank you


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This is actually one of a set of 5 extensions for connection pools for different app servers, the rest are coming with 207 which should be very soon. At that time we should have a product news blog and documentation published - it's in the pipeline now.

EDIT: The blog just got published:

I imagine you've already done this if necessary for you custom one but the only requirement for JBoss should be enabling statistics on the relevant connection pools. (requires red hat account)

Apart from that, to see the metrics gathered you can search for Jboss in a custom chart:

For feedback you can post in the Ideas forum here on Answers. Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions as well.

I already have at least one idea! Thank you for the answear and the blog

This seems particularly interesting! It seems it has to be deployed globally. Is there a way to restrict it, so we can test it on, say, a certain instance of an application server?

BTW, I'm interested inn WildFly (new name for JBoss). I suppose it's supported? I ask this because in all references, they all say JBoss...

Antonio Sousa

@Antonio S. Usually you can alway activate a plugin-in on a specific istance (or on all group of as).

You deactivate the pugin-in globally and you activate it per host (in the setting on each hosts or host groups)

Yes, Wildfly is included - I'll see about making sure that is called out properly. This extension will be available for any processes detected as JBoss, JBoss EAP, or Wildfly:

HI James K there might be a problem with the Jboss Plugin for some version of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (or it might be just my case)

I confirm the extension is problematic as in our case it broke several applications running on JBoss EAP 7.1 and 7.2. The symptoms are the same as mentioned in this RFE and unfortunately the described workaround with setting


 didn't help either...

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