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Migrate Python extension


Hello all,

I want to migrate a custom 1.0 Python extension to the new 2.0 framework. The extension is fetching some custom metrics from a SAP HANA DB. In the python script, I am creating devices and groups via  "self.topology_builder". The names for the devices and groups is coming from the UI defined via the properties and configUI section in the plugin.json file. As per migration guide ( the topology_builder method does not exist anymore in 2.0 and is replaced by extension.yaml.

Does anyone know how I can create devices and groups based on user input in UI for 2.0 extension? I assume there are some sort of placeholders I can use in the extension.yaml. 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Nils_Berninger !

In Extension 2.0, Device and Group don't exist anymore. Now, you need to use topology rules to create custom entities:

I recommend building it via the GUI, then exporting it via API and adding it to your YAML file.

You can also extend the Built-In Host Page with your HANA Metrics:

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