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Monitor Scheduled tasks in Windows



We have a customer that have asked for monitoring of their own scheduled tasks the Task Scheduler in Windows.
Have anyone made a plugin/extention for that and are willing to share it?

Mainly looking for something that will alert if the last run result is something else than 0x0 for the Enabled tasks.

Note: Last run result "267009" and "267014" should be ignored. "267014" means terminated manually, and "267009" means running.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Our services has created a remote ActiveGate extension which does that as well as looking for hanging tasks. It's not something that we can share for free though. If you're interested in it, or a OneAgent version of the extension, please reach out to your account manager for a quote.

If you've got the time you can also create it yourself using the hands on documentation:

The command we used to get the statistics was schtasks

Kind regards,



Thanks Mike, I will check with our account manager. Are there somewhere we can see the extentions that have been developed by Dynatrace but hidden behind a payed service?
Cause I guess we might find more of the "missing stuff" there for customers trying to move from other tools like AppMon, ITM etc.

We've started adding them here:

So far we have about 30 tiles that are covering generic technologies. If you search for "platform extension services" in the browser you'll see them, one of them is the scheduled tasks monitoring one.


Thank you for a very fast reply Michael. I`m reaching out to continue the discussion outside open forums.


Can we also get an alert if the status of the task changes from Running to Stopped\disabled.

That's currently not part of the extension. We could add it though as part of a customization engagement.


Frequent Guest

Hey, were you able to get this extension working using the default user (presumably SYSTEM) as the user account fo the scheduled task? 

Thank you. 

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