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Observing Fastcheck no response - datasource exited without providing status

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Hi ,


I am developing python extension 2.0 , where I can get output successfully for the code if I simulate it from extension.yaml. However, after uploading extension to the Dynatrace throwing an error that : Fastcheck no response - datasource exited without providing status.


Can anyone help me to understand why this error I am observing or else if I am missing anything ?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

How does your fastcheck code look like?

See example of a very basic fastcheck here:



Hi Mike, this is my code for fastcheck. However, Now I am observing an error that "Failed to assign  monitoring configuration to Activegate. Reason: ".  At first, I uploaded a skeleton extension on to the tenant and I can observe status as OK. Later I implemented the code in with the necessary functions that are required to authenticate with API,Extract the information to JSON file and choose specific fields from that JSON file to report them as a metrics to dynatrace. And imported whatever the libraries that are required to run necessary functions. Kindly suggest (Note: I have mentioned "requests" in for install_requires field aswell)

Someone would have to look at the logs on your ActiveGate to troubleshoot it further. Please open a support ticket.


Thank you Mike, it helped me to identify the issue by raising the ticket with Dynatrace ONE team. In my case, we observed this issue due to the `charset-normalizer` dependency for the `requests` module was not met as extension was built on Windows.  And to overcome this issue I have used below command in visual studio code terminal.  

cmd: dt-sdk build --extra-platform many_linux_2_17_x86_64

Post that, I am able to see the data in Dynatrace. Thanks for your suggestion

Hello @kpurimitla ,

Interesting ! Do you have the exception related in "python3_fastcheck.log" ?
The default path on ActiveGate is 

Thank you

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