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Oracle Database Extension: "CPU time" metric


In the database oracle exetension there is a page to find long running queries , In that there is a CPU time of the particular queries What does that CPU time refers to in that .

1. Does that refers to the total amount of time from the request sent ,

Or what is it ;

Please help Screenshot from 2023-11-23 11-34-11.png


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @adminApmosys 

CPU time for a particular query refers to the amount of time that the query has consumed on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) during its execution. It measures the actual time the CPU spent processing the query, not the total time from when the request was sent.

This metric is important for performance monitoring and tuning, as it helps you understand how much computational resources (CPU time) a query is using. High CPU time for a query can indicate that it's resource-intensive and may need optimization or better indexing to improve its performance.


Have a nice day!

Thanks for the answer Radek, please can you simplify it as does it means the total CPU time = (elapse time + IO time)


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