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Prometheus metrics to Dynatrace



I was wondering if anyone try to push prometheus metrics to Dynatrace, via plugin (ActiveGate/OneAgent) or via custom metrics cron (or something). And if you hit any block in doing so.




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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you are able to convert those metrics to format readable for Dynatrace (for example as custom network device with custom metrics via api) there will be no problem with such operation. But you have to remember that for plug-in and api approach you will need free custom metrics in your license. Here you have my question about how this is calculated.


Regards, Sebastian

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DynaMight Legend

As far as I know, there is an extension in the works which will enable you to collect Prometheus metrics and store them in Dynatrace as custom metrics.

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That would be a plus!

@Julius L.

Any status update on the extension to collect Prometheus metrics?


@Thanes B. - sorry, I have no idea.
@Jakub M. or @Michael L. - any updates on the prometheus metrics plugin?

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Any update or pointers on this is appreciated. I am trying to send Concourse metrics to Prometheus and then onto to Dynatrace as custom metrics. We were able send Concourse metrics out of the box to Datadog but, have to through lot of hoops to send the same to DT.

At the moment, you still need to write a OneAgent or ActiveGate plugin to pull metrics from an exporter and send it to Dynatrace. It requires a little bit o Python knowledge, but it's simple.
If you have OneAgent running on the host where the entity is being monitored and where the exporter is located - you should go with OneAgent plugin. If it's some kind of a remote host/device, you might want to write an ActiveGate plugin.

Also - if this fits your use case, you can also push metrics via API to Dynatrace.

In 2024 - there are several options:

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I want to retrieve the prometheus metrics (OpenMetric format) in dynatrace through a yaml file.

could someone help me or provide me an editable template please.

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