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Pulling String values with JMX Extensions


It seems we can now pull out string values for JMX extensions starting with OA version 1.265 and cluster version 1.266, noted in the post below. Does anyone have experience with pulling out strings in JMX extensions? Specifically I am looking at the connector status located at the 2nd link below. I've uploaded my extension but it doesn't seem to be doing anything even though I have placed the certificate in the needed directory, enabled the JMX 2.0 OA feature and upgraded the agent to 1.265. The connection status only shows 'Pending' on the config screen of the extension where you add in configurations.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@sivart_89 have you had any progress on this? If so would you be willing to share what you have discovered? 


@ChadTurner yes I was able to get this working, after a few iterations. Snippet of the yaml I am using is below

mapping for it to show in data explorer

the query itself

And here is what it looks like in data explorer, splitting by the connector and status dimension



Hopefully this helps some. Definitely a learning experience for myself!

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