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SAP Extensions - dialog response time data verification

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We are using SAP HANA + SAP ABAP extensions, in the Dialog response time, we have the graph splitting by custom device. One of the devices shows over our threshold of 1 s for last 30 minutes. It showed one of the devices has 2.6 s response time, but they could not see that in the production SAP device.

What would that be? How can they verify the data that is assumed to be coming directly from the machines to be accurate?




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Dynatrace Leader



We call the SAP RFC function SWNC_GET_WORKLOAD_SNAPSHOT, and then extract the dialog response time metric from the TASKTIMES table that is returned, split by the TASKTYPE where the type is dialog. We don't do any calculations on it, so the SAP basis team should be able to do the same.