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SAP HANA monitoring



Does SaaS & Managed support SAP HANA?

Supported tech list says only that SAP JVM supportes.

Other mentioning

are not specific and looks as a bit marketting info.

Can one reveal some details about SAP HANA, please.

Thanks and regards,




I think that if Dynatrace will partner with Syslink (, it will make the solution perfect. I believe they have the solution you are looking for

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Igor,

You can use OneAgent to monitor different DB. By installing the OneAgent on the AppServer that is querying to the DB, if the App is one of the supported technologies (Java, .NET...) the OneAgent will place some sensors on the frameworks that query the DB (JDBC, ADO.NET...). So you will be able to get response time metrics, exceptions, etc. about the queries done, from AppServer side.

In some cases, clients also want to get specific metrics from the DB, by installing a OneAgent on the DB server or by using an out of the box plugin to retrieve specific metric (for example MySQL...). For HANA there is no plugin to retrieve specific metrics. You could also develop your own plugin to retrieve those specific tech metrics..

TLDR: if you are calling to HANA by JDBC,ADO.NET.. you should see the calls to DB. For HANA specific metrics you will need a plugin


Thank you Rodrigo!

It is good to know "Dynatrace plugins team is developing a HANA plugin that will be released in short term." As far i understand we will monitor HANA using JDBC,ADO.NET. etc cals to DB. It answers my question. Many thanks!



Hello Igor,
I have to update the answer as the plugin the Dynatrace Team is developing is for SAP ABAP (not SAP HANA).
I have seen the SAP HANA plugin in private clients that developed the plugin by their own, but it is not open-source code. You can develop it by your own retrieving the metrics needed.


Well thats too bad. We are heading down the path of HANA and I would think with its popularity that Dynatrace would be all over it.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion
Any plans to support SAP HANA via plugin? I saw the comment that some clients created their own plugins for this, but I'm asking about a Dynatrace supported one.

Also, I assume JDBC/ADO.NET will only help if the app making calls to the Hana DB can be monitored (e.g. Java/.NET), therefore no SAP processes making calls will yield results.

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