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SAP Rise Monitoring


Hello everyone,

I'm currently working with a client who is interested in monitoring their SAP Rise environment using Dynatrace.

Has anyone in the community attempted this, or have experience with monitoring SAP Rise? If so, could you share your insights or best practices on how to effectively integrate Dynatrace for monitoring SAP Rise environments?

Any challenges faced and how they were overcome would also be incredibly valuable.

Thank you in advance for your help and shared experiences !



Hi Agonalez,

I dont have a personal experience with SAP Rise Environment. But it could be achieved by adding OneAgent extension from the hub:

Here is the link for for further details from Dynatrace Docs:

Hope it helps.



Hello Moin,

I noticed this extension, but I'm not entirely sure if we can use it since it appears to be mostly in a cloud environment. I'm awaiting more information from the client to gain a better understanding of how it works, etc.


Hi @agonzalez everything around SAP can be a little bit hard to monitor if you don't have a clear target of if the client hasn't a clear requirement and just come to you asking for SAP Rise monitoring.

My first suggestion is help your self:

- first and foremost understand if it's something that he has installed on premise of if it's Saas solution.

- ask the right question and drill down to what the customer really wants. Final goal, displayed results and break down any sentence in smaller chuck that you can investigate on a technical level.
- create an opportunity to speak with some SAP Rise expert or admin in their company to address specific issue that they experience and the other customer requirement (if you successfully retrieved precise information).
- for every data that you understand might be valuable - ask for API existence and API documentation (SAP documentation is a mess and hard to navigate by my opinion)

I had to monitor SAP CPI and those were my very first step adopted since any SAP requirement is hard to be a standard one.



Hello @y_buccellato,thank you for your feedback.

A meeting should be scheduled in the next days/weeks to get more information and a better understanding of the environment and their needs, as you mentioned. Since I didn't find any mention of SAP Rise in the documentation or elsewhere, I was mostly curious to know if someone in the community already had experience with this technology.

Your point about the API's existence is well-taken and something I will consider.

Thank you very much for your help.

You are welcome,

if you are willing to share, let us know how it went 😉

Best of luck and regards


With pleasure ! I hope i'll be back with some feedback for the community 😁

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @agonzalez, just wanted to follow up with you to ask how the meeting with the client went? Were you able to find a solution for their use case?

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!


Hello @Ana_Kuzmenchuk, the schedule with the client is postpone until January. I'll get back to the community when I have more informations.

I think (and I hope) that it'll be a usefull case for the community.



Good morning, is there any solution or path to follow to monitor with Dynatrace and SAP Rise?


Hello @carlos_carreno nothing new for the moment, I think/hope we will have some good news after the perform !

Such an insightful article, thank you very much. I will explore that path.


Hi ! I’m at the perform and they are here. I’ll discuss with them !

Then grab as much information as you can for us 😛 also don’t forget to grab some gadget 😄


Don’t hesitate if you have some specific questions ! 
Haha I’ll try to have a lot of goodies 😄


Alright so, it’s a bit complicated with so much people, but from the first informations that I got:

- you have a specific connector that’ll send the data to dynatrace

- you have an extension available but it is only for the dashboard

- the licence are not part of dynatrace, you can’t just get the extension and deploy it, you need a contract with them 

- I don’t know the licence model exactly, but if I’mncorrect you have 1 licence for 30gb/day


I’ll schedule a meeting with them in the next few weeks to have more informations 

Just a small clarification: PowerConnect is not licensed per traffic volume. Typical daily traffic volume ingested as logs to Dynatrace, from a typical SAP setup, amounts to ca. 30GB/day. YMMV. A bit more details on the joint solution: and more to come.

Some important topics to highlight are the installation of the plugins for Hana and SAP app or ABAP. These installations are simple and only using AG is it possible to connect. We do this by opening communication from AG. What agonzalez is asking is the installation of Oneagent within raise. Here it is essential to clarify that RAISE could deny the installation of the agent within its platform. It is important before starting this work that Oneagent installation approvals are obtained.

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