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StatsD options - What does and what does not (if any) consume additional licensing?

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Maybe I am just not seeing it (it would not be the first time 🙂

There appears to be a few different options for collecting StatsD. API or using the OneAgent.

I can not find anything that tells me clearly if when StatsD is just enabled through the OneAgent, does it consume/require additional licensing?

I am sure it consumes if going through the API, however all the documentation also talks about...

Dynatrace OneAgent comes with a StatsD daemon out of the box. This means that any application or library that supports StatsD can send metrics to Dynatrace. You only need to install OneAgent and make sure that your StatsD client uses the right port (18125 by default).

That is leaving me confused on the licensing aspect if you select to use the StatsD damon through the OneAgent that is deployed for that local host.

Is that then just out of the box when enabled and no additional consumption or does it consume just as going through the API would (custom metrics)?

Any info?

I really wish Dynatrace would just add something next to each Technology listed under "Monitored technologies" that just spells it out clearly that either yes this X technology requires X licensing or does not require X licensing outside of just having the OneAgent licensed and installed.



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AFIK Everything using the metric API for extending the platform consumes DDU.

BUT if the metric has the host entity defined, it will consume DDU from the HOST Pool and not the overall Not-Host DDU pool. What i think is missing, is this detail inside:

The only difference is that when you pipe with the OA, the host entity information is added by the OA. If using the api endpoint you need to add it.

What I could not find, is that if a want to know how much of a pool I have left for a specific Host.... i can't... or at least I could not found how. 😞

Edit: Also from doc point of view this is more useful to me, im always checking if there is something new.


I guess the part that was throwing me is because they talk about one of the options being out of the box through the OneAgent. The "out of the box" is always a fine line it seems. Some technologies are just part of the OneAgent Full Stack licensing and then there are others where it appears in this case, it is considered custom metrics which is now DDU's which we are still trying to get our heads around all this licensing change stuff.

I know they say that this change to DDU was supposed to be more straightforward, but honestly I am finding it more confusing and harder to track than the old way.

on the question on "how much of a pool I have left" - with version 208 we added a new billing metric


that alongside with the existing DDU billing metrics and the Metric Explorer will allow you to create some charts to investigate the DDU usage for specific host(s) and evaluate under/over consumption on # of host-included DDUs.
Docs will be updated soon with an "how-to" example.

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Hi @Robert S. Thanks so much for that info!!

Will allow having control for specific metrics from host!

Nice! Thank you!

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