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What are the consequence of installing plugin on a process

I have to monitor an HAProxy process, the thing is that dynatrace seems to doesn't see it fully, so installation of a plugin is required. My questions are quite simple:

- what are the consequences if I install those plugin execept the fact of monitoring the process ? Will there be any potential problem on other process ?

- My second question is, Is the plugin installation reversible. I Mean in cse of issue can we just remove the plugin ? or disable it ? like nothing was install ?

- Can anyone explain me why does Dynatrace display login box and an url box for plugin installation ? which credential should I used ? which URL should I enter.



Just for information I'am using Dynatrace managed




Plugin installation is not needed it is embedded into every OneAgent. Plugin use API expose by HAProxy and binds metrics to its process. In case of rpoblem you can just disable the plugin. It will be disabled on all hosts automatically. Defult HAProxy URL is http://localhost:1936/stats please read more about configuration here

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