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What does "SAP RFC targets/functions" mean?




I am trying to estimate the amount of DDU licenses required to use the SAP ABAP Extension.

In the Dynatrace Licensing Consumption Calculator, I see the following items,
"Avg. # of RFC targets/functions to be monitored per Application Server instance per minute".
What does this mean? How can I estimate the quantity in advance?




If anyone can help, please advise.

Kohei Otsuka


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru



That's a screenshot from an internal sheet. Please reach out to whoever sent it to you for help. In short: We poll the SAP application server once a minute to ask it about the incoming and outgoing RFC calls. We then aggregate it either by function+user or by server, and send the result to Dynatrace. Unless you run ST03(N) a few times with a minute resolution to get similar data it's very tricky to estimate.




Hello Mike


Thank you for your answer.
I understood that it is very difficult to estimate the amount of licenses needed in advance.


I would like to ask an additional question, is it possible to reduce the amount of metrics to be captured by SAP ABAP Extension?
For example, is there a way to reduce the sampling rate, as RUM does?
The goal is to reduce the consumption of DDUs.


Kohei Otsuka

You can reduce the sampling rate for the user sessions with Tcodes in the settings of the custom application. As for DDU's, you've got three options which impacts it a lot, on top of not gathering any/limited tasks.

  1. Only gather RFC per remote server, instead of per function
  2. Do not gather RFC
  3. Set the extension to only poll once every 5 minutes (this might make the extension miss data as the SAP server aggregates data quickly and might not send everything)



Thanks for the answer.
I see that there is an option to not get the metrics for a specific task type.
That was very helpful. Thank you very much.


Kohei Otsuka

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