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What is the correct dimension for an EF2 "Instance"?


In Extensions 2.0 concepts | Dynatrace Docs is defines a set of limits "per Instance". Furthermore, it defines an "Instance" as "Per instance shows the consumption volume for one data source in OneAgent and ActiveGate." - unfortunately, it doesn't define "data source"...

I think that the correct metric for the memory limit is dsfm:extension.engine."memory_used" which can be split several ways including:

  • dt.extension.ds

I struggled to find any documentation for either of these dimensions, but suspect that "Instance" relates to ""? Does that make sense?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


In general, an instance means a configuration. For example, having one configuration added in the extension, one datasource instance is created. In addition, if a configuration has a very large number of endpoints added, then more instances are created. This is because the configuration is divided into smaller parts to not overhelm one process. In this case the config id does not change and all instances have the same config id.


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Thanks Mateusz - that all makes sense. 

Any chance we could get the documentation to say something similar?

I will reach out to the team to document it. Thanks for the feedback!

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