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Why no port information is needed to monitor SQL?

In 'Settings->Monitoring->Monitored technologies' there, under the supported-technologies I can see the list of database technology.


By expanding each of them, I can see that all database technology needs the port number information, except MSSQL. May I know what is the reason for MSSQL?


Since I see that its type is "OneAgent extension", that means I would need a OneAgent in the MSSQL Database Servers right?


Also, let's said if there is no OneAgent in the MSSQL Database Server, can we use ActiveGate extension to monitor? (and if so, do we need to have firewall-rules allow between the MSSQL Database Server and ActiveGate)


Best Regards,

Wai Keat



Yes, you need an OneAgent (Infrastructure only Mode is fine) for the MSSQL Plugin. It uses Performance Counters to read the Metrics (documentation), that is why you don't need a port here.

See Mikes answer for a AG plugin solution.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

See Patrick's answer on why you don't need a port. As for the ActiveGate extension question: There is a preview program for additional database visibility going on right now and it includes additional MSSQL monitoring from an ActiveGate. I will send you a separate email and bring you in contact with the PM if you're interested.


Thanks Mike, I got one question before decide I am interested or not for this preview program to be test-out in a potential POC later:

So I assume it would provide visibility similar to some other DB-ActiveGate-Plugin (for example, Oracle-DB-Insight ActiveGate extension) like breakdown of top-time-consuming statement, execution plan and so on?

Best Regards,

Wai Keat

Hi, it does not provide per query information and execution plans yet. It's mainly a lot of additional health metrics for SQL server internals.