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1 VM / 3 JVM (apps)


I've to deploy OneAgent on 1 VM with 3 JVMs running on it, but which are 3 different apps.

- How can I partition access to the 3 monitored apps? (account user <=> apps). With tags and management zones, would it be possible ?

- What if I don't want Dynatrace to monitor one of these jvm?




Hey Fabian,

In Dynatrace, there is the concept of Process Groups. As these JVMs are for 3 separate applications, they should belong to seperate process groups.

To apply tags to each to identify the application it belongs to, you can use any of the 3 options

  1. Go to the process group page for each JVM and manually add the tags (click the drop down for "Properties and tags") and click add tag
  2. Go to Settings -> Tags -> Manually applied tags -> create a tag for each of the 3 process groups that the JVMs belong to
  3. Go to Settings -> Tags -> Automatically applied tags -> Create rules for each of the 3 process groups that the JVMs belong to

See link for more info on tagging

You can then create your various management zones and configure the rule for each MZ to be for each tag or process group depending on your preference (FYI I believe Management Zones is still in EAP but verify with your Account resource).

If you do not want to monitor one of these JVMs, in the host page for the VM, click on the "..." button at the top and select "Edit" (or the "Settings" button if you are at version 139 for SaaS or 140 for Managed), Click on "Detected processes" and you should see the 3 JVMs listed with a toggle button under "Service Monitoring Off/On". Disable monitoring for the process you do not want to monitor (there is no save button, just click to another page and it automatically saves). Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Thanks !


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